KSSA Promoting Youth Sailing in Kent




It gives the Kent (high performance) team managers Mark Breare, Tim Seward and Sam Chick huge pleasure in reporting that the Kent team have won a fourth consecutive team trophy at the NSSA annual regatta. Sustaining consistent interest in great success is often hard however please think back to our huge excitement in Deal when we won the team trophy - our young sailors have now won four years in a row!


The week was sailed in varied and mostly gusty, shifty and very strong winds which didn’t always favour our team and beneath leaden rainy skies which definitely didn’t favour our adults.


Leading sailors came from a wide spread of clubs within Kent with top three results from; Alex Head (1st topper), Lewis Humphries (3rd laser radial), Heather Denbigh (1st laser 4.7), Samuel and Michael Dyer (2nd fast handicap), Stan Chick (1st laser standard and 1st medium handicap), Max Tullet (1st rookie handicap) and Luka Franklin (2nd rookie topper). In addition were the single handed trophy won by Alex Head, closely followed in second place by Lewis Humphries and the all-comers race won by Samuel and Michael Dyer in their 29er.


The overall team trophy was awarded after much arcane and complex mathematics with contributions from a wide range of sailors. It must be stressed that all our young sailors worked towards this fantastic result as a team.


Other awards went to Lewis Wright (the Winchester Tankard) for his gracious, selfless and dedicated behaviour towards his team throughout racing on Wednesday, Lee Windridge (leap-frog trophy) who was the most improved sailor of 2017 and Stan Chick (NSSA presidents award) having competed in both inland and annual NSSA regattas for 7 years and sailed with the KSSA since 2009.


Kent was by no means the largest team this year and the question was inevitably asked, how do Kent keep winning? Can this be attributed to the aggregation of marginal gains? Perhaps… whilst the team managers didn’t bring mattresses and pillows from home (well not all of us) nor ban the team from shaking hands, there is much truth in the idea of a committed group of talented sailors, strongly supported by dedicated parents and carers willing to input time throughout the year with training, regattas and larger events. During the week there was rarely a time when a Kent sailor couldn’t visit the team tent and find a parent / carer willing to fix a boat, feed them or simply find a coat to keep them warm. A huge thank you therefore must go to all our ‘support team’ and visitors throughout the week including Deb Thomas, Elena Setterfield, Mike and Marion Smailes and Isabel Emby.


Sincere thanks also go to;

  • our team captains Hannah Mumford and Stan Chick for their advice and help throughout the event
  • Kent parents and wider team who operated and staffed two safety boats throughout the week
  • Dave Ellis who transported the Kent rib to Graham and worked all week on the committee boats
  • Jon Hill who helmed the KSSA rib and Sandra Hill also working on the committee boats all week
  • our parents and sailors who tirelessly launched and recovered not just our own boats but all others who launched from our slip regardless of team
  • the older and / or more knowledgable sailors helping, coaching and advising their peers on and off the water

Please look out for emails from the KSSA secretary since we are already discussing improved and targeted training for the upcoming season and we look forward to our own KSSA annual regatta hosted by Downs Sailing Club on 16th September 2017.


I hope you will join the team mangers in congratulating our young sailors for this fantastic result!

Summer Camp 1/2 July BBSC

On Saturday 1st July , boats , cars laden with camping gear  arrived early in the morning at  Bough  Beech Sailing Club for the 2017 sailing, training and camping weekend.

There was a 4 race series  on Saturday with 23 boats on the water. We had the KSSA Superstars , the soon- to -be superstars and the novices who will one day be our top KSSA sailors!

  The aim was to have plenty of lake practice before the Nationals at Grafham. The conditions were ideal for this, with variable, shifty winds all day!! Boats racing along at one end of the lake and other boats nearly becalmed at the other. The Race Officer Jon Hill did a great job in frequently changing wind directions. The results show how close the racing was in the laser radial fleet and the Toppers. Coaches Dannie and Elliott Marks encouraged the tail Enders. Stan Chick was the overall winner!

Camping was in a huge field of freshly cut grass and right next to the Clubhouse.Insect spray was essential. Everyone slept really well but many missed the incredibly noisy dawn chorus from the flock of waterfowl  at the foot of the field on the lakeside.

Sunday was an early start, with breakfast in the clubhouse.

Andy Kerr was the lead coach for the day, and based his coaching skills on what the sailors had requested from the debrief session after the Saturday racing. The focus was on wind shifts, making a good line for the next buoy  and concentrating for long periods!!! 4 more boats joined in the coaching.

Ollie Cage White  and Elliott Marks  each ran a coaching group of boats on the water, whilst Steve Mitchell and Brian Munford coached the youngest sailors. Everyone made really good progress. ........lots more shifty wind, both in strength and direction.

After Pasta Bolognaise in the clubhouse, we then held the Allcomers Race for the Littlefield Memorial trophy. BB Club boats also joined in so it was a large and fast moving fleet at times, but with more shifting winds it really tested everyone!

Pierce Seward was first KSSA boat, and Stan Chick 2 nd. Heather Denbigh 3 rd.

we finished in brilliant sunshine. Money raised for the Air Ambulance was by donations put into the collecting box  in the Clubhouse.


 The Bough Beech members were good hosts. The catering by Tracey and Mark was extremely well organised and the quality of the food was high. Jon Hill, Guy Marks and Deb marks did  a great job throughout the weekend.

Thankyou Tim and Tim for being Beachmasters so effectively. Thankyou the Broadstairs gang...Tim S for organising the KSSA a side of patrol boats on the water, Sam Chick, Dale Windridge and Paul Hirst for the many hours you all helped on and off the water.Thankyou Sarah White for the very slick registration and Deb Thomas for organising the Allcomers race and the final priZegiving Well done to all the parents for the little things you did to help make this a very positive weekend and a great practice for the National Regatta in three weeks time!

New Racers 10th Jne 2017 Redoubt SC


This years New racers event was held at Redoubt sc in perfect conditions, with brite sunshine and an increasing breeze. 26 sailors took to the water from across Kent, 4 races were sailed with on the water instructors and coaches giving direction throughout. All sailors were given an explanation of the basic rules of sailing  and flags to be used by the committee boat. Everyone enjoyed the conditions with a reaching course set by the race organising  team, this allowed all competitors to complete the course and enjoy some racing


Thanks to all the Redoubt team and volunteers who gave up their time to make this event such a great success.