2000 Topper Team Race


1st Manwoods   Jeni Tod, Nikki and Christopher Catt


2nd Bewl Valley  Alex Fairman, Juliet Kingsnorth and Chester Candish


3rd Team Turnill   Andrew, Richard and Paul Turnill


4th Downs "B"  Kate Tod, Jon Waite and Clare Stubbs
5th Bough Beech  "A" Laura Alldis, Fleur Stanley, Katie Martin and Matt Quelch-Varley
6th Bough Beech  "B"  Sam Cox, Chris Rodway, Catherine Howe and Nick Murphy
7th Downs "C" Rory Sharvill, James Cooke and Karen Willis

8th Kings  Tony Lewis, Matt Gray and Thomas Hopkinson
9th Wilsonians "B" Mark Heather, Adam Tredwell, Richard Wallis and Douglas Horner
10th = Downs Young Ones  Katie Restall, Robert Waite and Mitch Webb
           Broadstairs "B" George Stokes, Peter and Sam Noble
12th Wilsonians "A" Lauren Treadwell, Lucy Heather and Tina Wallis
13th Bough Beech  "C" Laura Pierce-Smith, Lawrence Cavill and Robert Howe
14th  Broadstairs "A" Chris Rebbeck, Brandon Hawkes and Jim Ellis
15th Herne Bay Nick Mansell, Carla Stephens, Michael Davis and Chris Wilkinson
16th Broadstairs "C" Richie Rebbeck, Polly Stokes and James Emby