KSSA Promoting Youth Sailing in Kent

M32 Sailing at Cowes, with the Magenta Project and Andrew Simpson Trust

Having spent all week checking conditions, at last, on a perfect, sunny day with a steady breeze, I arrived at Portsmouth Yacht Club, in the shadows of Land Rover BAR – Sadly, Ben was not there!

Meeting up with the other 8 girls we all waited, anxious but excited. Then at last we were off……

We were whisked over to Cowes in the Andrew Simpson rib by two, 100 horse power engines – it was fast!

Arriving at Cowes we were met by Annie Lush, supporter of the Magenta Project, and the team I was to be sailing with.  The Magenta Project is supported by well-known female sailors with the aim of encouraging more women into high performance sailing.  Formalities over, we sped out of the harbour on the rib to find the M32.


Searching for the M32 amongst the hundreds of sails in the Solent, we were surprised as a huge, silent catamaran flew past us with graceful ease and speed. Immediately we were all itching to have a go and desperate to get on board.


Once on board it was a strange feeling; the M32 felt more like an enormous dinghy than a racing yacht.  It felt strange to tack across the trampoline with water gushing underneath.

It was like nothing I’ve ever sailed before.  It was an unusual feeling to be sitting on one hull, flying high up in the air, whilst the other hull was in the water meters below.  Enjoying the ride I was really surprised when I was asked if I would like to helm! Helming the M32 was an experience like no other; the adrenaline rush of controlling such a fast boat was immense. Every slight move on the tiller caused a massive jolt and movement on the hull.  Getting the boat to plane with one hull out of the water was the closest I’ve come to flying and a sailing experience I will never forget.

Sadly it all had to come to an end. We were rushed back to Cowes to take part in a promotional activity for the Magenta Project on a large stage with Nik Knowles from DIY SOS. We were interviewed and asked why we thought more women should get involved, and take part, in high performance sailing.


Thank you so much KSSA and Sam and Tim for nominating me for such a fantastic opportunity. Also, thank you to the Andrew Simpson Trust for making it all possible.  It was an absolutely brilliant day which has whetted my appetite for more ‘big boat sailing’ – at speed!

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