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The Chairman’s Cup 2014.

Our former President  of KSSA, Paddy Nesham , was brought up for many years living on a Thames Barge. She hailed from a very nautical family and she was a really keen sailor herself. When she was chair of the Kent County Council she purchased and donated to  our organisation  the Chairman’s Cup.

This Cup is presented each year at the KSSA Regatta. The recipient is a person who has shown Special Endeavour during the year.

Back in 2011 Downs Sailing Club in Deal  was chosen by a selection committee to host the NSSA National Regatta 2014. For over 2 years the organizing  Executive Committee has been working incredibly hard to plan this mammoth event and through their diligence and hard work it proved to be an exceptionally well run  sailing event. Everyone involved was a volunteer, and there were a huge number of them all working together as a strong team, headed by one man. His role of leadership of the executive committee has been one of dedication and leadership through the trials and tribulations of organising such a major event in Coastal waters.

This year we would like to present the Chairman’s Cup to Chris Shelton from Downs Sailing Club. Thankyou , Chris, for taking on the responsibility of Chairman of the organising committee and spearheading the success of this year’s NSSA National Regatta at Downs Sailing Club. Thankyou from all the young sailors who enjoyed a great week both on the water and when ashore.

Your commitment to their sailing programme was truly an example of special endeavour.

The Cup was presented by Peter Homewood. Chairman of KCC 2014.

(The above presentation was written and delivered by Elena Setterfield)