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Kent Team Report for the NSSA Golden Jubilee Regatta at Weymouth 2012

Many of the team arrived on Sunday to a dry day and a flooded campsite. Others had arrived in driving rain over Friday and Saturday as some were sailing in the Topper National Series prior to the NSSA event. The general welcome and outline of the event to sailors and team managers took place at All Saints School on the Sunday evening. Many of the 28 Teams were based at the School. The overall event had approx 650 sailors and exactly 499 boats, of which Kent had 28 sailors and 24 boats. Racing was scheduled to start from 9.55am each day, with a gap in the program at 9am every morning for Nigel Vick (principle event race officer) to give a detailed briefing for the sailing action for that day. Outside the harbour there were two designated sailing areas, Nothe and Outside Bay. Inside of the harbour was devided into five sailing areas, two areas were set aside for the rookie fleet. Harbour left, middle and right were designated for the main racing fleets.


The first day saw the Laser, Radial and 4.7 classes out in the bay with 3 races back to back in the Nothe race area. The handicap were sailing on the Harbour left and the Topper fleet were harbour right. The comments from the sailors as they hit the shore were that there appeared to be more wind in the Harbour than out in the Bay. Unfortunatly due to the weather for the rest of the week this was the only day that any fleet sailed outside.

Highlight for each fleet after day 1

Rookie Topper - Alex Lane 2nd

Toppers - Patrick Keech 3rd

Radials – Tom Goodey 1st and Alex Geal 3rd

Laser 4.7 – Suzy Geal 26th.

Handicap – Chris and Mark Thomas 2nd, Seb Hansell 3rd, Charlotte and Dan Fenn 6th.

Feva – Julia Judd and Mark Lightbody 23rd.


Due to the forecast all races on Tuesday were held inside the harbour so the Toppers lost the chance to go outside. On this occasion the Laser fleets raced Harbour Middle, the Toppers were Harbour right and the handicap Harbour left. Again the racing was varied with lots of wind that brought the sailing to an early finish. Her Royal Highness Princes Ann visited the centre and had lunch with representatives from each team and walked the dinghy park and spoke to many of the competitors.

Highlight for each fleet after day 2

Rookie Topper - Alex Lane 4th

Toppers - Patrick Keech 3rd

Radials – Tom Goodey 1st and Alex Geal 3rd

Laser 4.7 – Suzy Geal 26th.

Handicap – Charlotte and Dan Fenn 3rd, Chris and Mark Thomas 6th.

Feva – Julia Judd and Mark Lightbody 19th.


Wednesday was a day off for fleet racing and the day for the Mount Haes, Single Handed and All Comers race. The Mount Haes Teams of Tom Goodey, Seb Hansell and Chris and Mark Thomas got off to a fantastic start with them both winning their 1st flights. However the semi-finals sore a change in fortunes with both teams being knocked out following gear breakages and some re-running of simi’s following requests for redress. The single Handed Team was initially our 3 leading Topper sailors of Patrick Keech, Josh Clarke and George Hyatt, however Patrick Crouch was substituted for George as he was taken ill on the Tuesday night with a brief spell in Hospital. From a strong fleet of 49 top Topper sailors Josh, Paddy and Patrick had great results of 10th, 14th and 23rd. Unfortunately the All Comers race was cancelled after the start.


Thursday saw all the fleets back in the harbour and sailing in the same areas as Tuesday. Racing got off to a good start but again we were in the hands of the weather and all fleets were brought ashore in driving rain and building winds. Many of the teams stayed at the venue until 6.30pm to watch the Olympic Torch arrived and then sail away on a Laser Stratos. Although it didn’t get too far as the conditions didn’t favour a leisurely sail across the harbour and after a few minutes of being batter in the Stratos the torch was transferred to a rib. The Kent Team finished the evening with dinner in the pub on East Fleet Farm Camp site.

Highlight for each fleet after day 4

Rookie Topper - Alex Lane 5th

Toppers - Patrick Keech 4th.

Radials – Tom Goodey 1st and Alex Geal 3rd.

Laser 4.7 – Suzy Geal 26th.

Handicap – Charlotte and Dan Fenn 3rd, Chris and Mark Thomas 5th.

Feva – Julia Judd and Mark Lightbody 22nd.


By Friday all the fleets were on 8 races apart from the handicap as they had managed to get in 9. Racing for the Handicap fleet was subsequently cancelled for the day leaving the Event Principle Race officer focused on getting one more race in for the other fleets to give them the opportunity for two discards. So by noon all boats were ashore with 9 race in the bag. Luckily the bad weather we had experienced earlier in the week stayed off for the day. Paul Goodison was the guest at the prize giving and gave away the Trophies.

Final Results.

Rookie Topper - Alex Lane 5th from 57

Toppers - Patrick Keech 8th, Josh Clarke 14th, George Hyatt 17th, Stan Chick 38th, Emma Crane 41st, Patrick Crouch 48th and Rosie Evans 57th from 146

Laser Radials – Tom Goodey 1st, Alex Geal 3rd, Oliver Batehup 19th, Toby Freeland 21st, Quentin Bes Green 22nd, Elliot Marks 30th, Toby Wood 35th and Tom Hatcher 44th from 82

Laser 4.7 – Suzy Geal 27th from 39

Handicap – Charlotte and Dan Fenn 3rd, Chris and Mark Thomas 5th, Seb Hansell 16th, Alex Church and Jennifer Pearson-Farr 34th, Tim Hudson and Killian McCabe 40th from 48.

Feva – Julia Judd and Mark Lightbody 18th from 38

My Thanks go to

Deb Thomas who processed your CRB’s and organised the shirts.

The Race Management Team from Kent running the Handicap Fleet - Richard Kingsnorth (Principle RO), Doug Spooner and Dave Ellis (RO’s), Ted Temple (Pin RO), Chris Danican, Richard Thomas, Graham Silsbury and Mick Lawrence (Mark Laying and pin), Martyn Styles and Tom Marks (Safety), Kirstie Greenslade, Elliot Piper-Brown, Deb Marks, Guy Marks, Chris Hatcher, Chris Spooner and Lee Goodey (recorders and time keepers) and all the parents for their invaluable support.