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BSDRA E Kent 420s Team Racing May 6 2006


This event, held at Westbere lakes SC near Canterbury, attracted a strong entry in the six teams that competed: Dover College, King’s A, King’s B, Sevenoaks A (senior L6 team), Sevenoaks B (year 11 team), and Kent Schools’ Sailing Association.


The light, shifting breeze that necessitated two 90 degree rotations of the course put a premium upon sailing in light airs, but did not prevent good team-racing. As a steady NW breeze developed in the latter half of the afternoon the schedule moved faster to reach an exciting finish. The outcome called for the application of the Umpires’ Rules in the event of a tie. Three teams - Sevenoaks A, KSSA and King’s A - tied for 1st place by each winning 4/5 races. Each of the tied teams had also lost to one of the other tied teams. By umpires’ rules the order was determined by the points scored when the three tied teams sailed each other.


Placings:          1. Kent Schools’ SA

                        2. King’s A 

                        3. Sevenoaks A

                        4. Sevenoaks B

                        5. King’s B

                        6. Dover College


Many thanks to umpires Hugh Wylam and John Weavers and to Richard Gaskell, Commodore Westbere SC, and to our helpers for keeping the race schedule moving and finishing before heavy rain set in.  


Full results

Race                       Red                         Blue

1                              Sev B12                 KSSA 9

2                              Sev B 15                Sev A 6

3                              KSSA 6                  Sev  A 15

4                              KSSA 11               K A 10

5                              Sev A 9                  K A 12

6                              Sev A 6                  K B 15

7                              K A 8                     K B 13

8                              K A 6                     DC 15

9                              K B 6                     DC 15

10                           K B 12                   Sev B 9

11                           DC 15                    Sev B 6

12                           DC 15                    KSSA 6

13                           K 2 15                    KSSA 6

14                           Sev B 14                K A 7

15                           Sev A 6                  DC 15