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NSSA Team Racing 2002

Its 4 times running for Kent to win the NSSA team racing.

A few weeks ago, Kent took a trip up north through many counties up to Lancashire to go team-racing on a little lake known as Burwain. Once our 7 hour trip up north had come to an end, we all stepped out into a cold field, which I think was the home for some sheep before we turned up. 

On Saturday morning a pretty cold strong wind blew round the lake. Kent C which consisted of Claire Stubbs, Katie Restall and Lucy Heather started the ball rolling for Kent, and comfortably won most of their early races. 

Kent B was run by Doug Horner, his team Rory Sharvill and James Cooke, were slightly on the large side for Toppers, but prided themselves on momentum. Took up their position in there boats, and went out to win all but one of their races on Saturday in the league. 

Finally it was the chance of Kent A lead by old timer Chris Catt, with Robert Waite and Jonathan White to go sailing. All of the early nerves were settled after all of the races were won. 

After a late lunch gold and silver fleets were decided, all of the Kent teams managed to get into the gold. Kent A and C were in a league together which meant Kent B were alone in the other half of gold. After 3 races sailed by each team they decided to call it a day as lack of light stopped play. Kent A had won all of their races and were comfortably leading there half of the gold, with Kent C following up behind, only having lost 1 of their races. Kent B kept up their momentum in their league and won all of their races. 

At the prospect of not much wind for Sunday, Doug and team comfort ate at the Travel Inn, while the rest of the teams settled down to a slightly daintier meal. Sunday Morning came round way to soon for me and a lot of others, still tired from the heavy racing the day before. Not much wind was found on the lake, so racing was slow but had a slight element of team-racing in it rather than just blasting round. Kent A had the prospect of a hard morning, having to take on Kent C. With the pressure of never living it down, loosing to the girlies, ridding on the shoulders Kent A started off slowly but gathered themselves to overtake C up the last beat. 

Kent C also lost one to some lil northern people, in the morning and so just failed to progress into the semi-finals. Kent B having lost 2 in their league just scrapped into the semi’s and Kent A still in full flow had not lost and qualified, for the semi-finals1st in their league. 

Kent B were set the task of beating the lil Yorkshire guys who knocked Kent C out. Sadly the super light weight guys sailed round Kent B and won in 2 out of 3 races.
So the pressure was put on Kent A to get into the finals. The pressure did get to them and they were out team-raced in the first race, but regained themselves to win the next 2. 

All that was left was for them to win the final against the Yorkshire A team. The first 2 were both easily won and so Kent had regained the title and the beautiful trophy for the forth time in a row. 

Although everyone sailed really well, it wouldn’t have been possible with out team manager Steve Restall organising all of the accommodation and transport, and all of the drivers for getting us up there. 

[ Report by Jonathan White ]