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The KSSA Memorial Awards

The Ernie Large Sailing Award - is for a person with a project “to help extend their horizons – push the limits in sailing”.

The Nesham Driver Memorial Award - is a recent addition to the KSSA Awards to mark the contribution of John Nesham and Jack Driver to youth sailing and life afloat. The award is made to young people who are “striving to achieve something special in sailing and where a little extra help would make all the difference.”

Another of our founder members back in the 1950’s was Dennis Littlefield.

The Association holds a Memorial Race at our mid summer coastal regatta in his honour, raising funds towards the Kent Air Ambulance.


If you would like to contribute to these Memorial Awards or know of young people who could be proposed for an award – please contact the KSSA secretary at secretary@kssa.co.uk

  Chairman's Cup   Ernie Large Award   Nesham Driver Award
2017   Stan Chick        
2016   Elena Setterfield        
2015   Toby Freeland        
2014   Chris Shelton        
2013   Mark Thomas        
2012   Tom Goodey        
2011 Information Sam Rowe        
2010 Information Neale Farr        
2009 Information Jenny Pearson-Farr
& Kirsty Greenslade
    Information Charlotte Fenn
2008 Information Chloe Martin Information Ed Cowell    
2007 Information Paul Turnill        
2006 Information Marion & Mike Smailes Information Tim Ellis Information Chloe Martin
2005 Information Sam Rowe & Robert Waite
2004 Information Mark Heather        
2003 Chris Catt
2002 Information Richard Turnill Information Colette Blair Information Colette Blair
2001 Information Phil Kennard   No Award   Sam Rowe
2000   Jeni Todd,
Nikki Catt,
Christopher Catt
  Martyn Styles  

Martyn Styles

1999   Andrew Turnill   Graham Blair   Chris Catt
1998   Alex Fairman   No Award   Jeni Tod
1997   Kathryn Cooke   Adam Turk    
1996   Robert Sherrington   Kate Gillow & Katherine Rogan    
1995   Amy Sleep   No Award    
1994   Steve Restall   Simon Keen & Sally Styles    
1993   Simon Keen   Amy Burgess    
1992   Andrew & Sarah Kites   Matthew Williams    
1991   Patrick Denby   Guy Parslow    
1990   Jeremy Troughton   Hugh Styles    
1989   Amy Burgess   Gary Brailsford    
1988   Yvonne Filby   Matthew Brown    
1987   Hugh Styles   Simon Dodds    
1986   Simon Dodds   Karen Filby    
1985   Karen Filby   Glen Gambrill    
      Jim Paine